Italy: Opposition call premier Conte to resign after Five Stars populists give up fight against far-right League to try staying afloat

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NatCen Social Research: only 7% think government has been handling negotiations well. A concerning figure: over one third of young population has no interest in Brexit at all.

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Eyes on Sanchez heading to general elections in April while PSOE fights between right wing and Catalan independentists

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Costa’s resignations bravely unveil the hidden Tory policy of targeting EU citizens to gain political consensus and votes

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Tragic no deal impact assessment issued right on time to prevent defections from hard Brexiteers, while keeping calm the opposition with three options: everything to stay in power.

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Squeezed and disappointed middle class looking far and beyond polarised party politics – Opinium research puts the reality into figures: 50% of British voters want a new centre-ground party

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The Immigration Bill: the last blackmail to the EU and its citizens

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